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Baptism in the Mud (2023)

A 62-page comic created for ShortBox Comics Fair 2023. Em is a magic, living doll who has, without precedent, fallen in love with a human. As Em struggles with how they fit into that relationship, they hear rumors of a life-granting deity, then venture into the woods to ask the mysterious goddess for a feeling, human body.

Very Specific Daydreams & Fantasies (2023)

This is a mini-zine where I illustrate 6 very specific things I daydream about on a regular basis.

Prayer Blanket (2022)

Thoughts and feelings on spirituality, sexuality, and family.

Mia the Magic Knight (2018-2021)

A web comic on WEBTOON about a young girl who suddenly inherits magic powers from a frog. Named "Staff Pick" in November 2019.

Business Bear (2018-2019)

Business Bear is a bear who does business. His zines consist of Hello My Name is Business Bear (in which he is introduced) and Business Bear: the Busier Bear (in which he is even busier).