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Cam McCafferty

Oregon-based artist/storyteller

Hello! My name is Cam. I'm passionate about creating work that explores the dreamlike, tender, strange, and empathetic. Through animation, comics, illustration, and design, I tell stories that reflect complex or outlandish themes from a childlike perspective. I hope through my art to provide a sense of joy, wonder, and play to the viewer's life.

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Involved Publications

Art Ducko Magazine

Editor in Chief: January 2018-June 2019

Copy Editing: September 2016-January 2018

Winter 2017 Issue 8 Comic Submission

Oregon Voice

October 2019  "Sick Issue"Illustration Submission

Boost Zine

Issue 5 Illustration Submission/Cover

Issue 3 Sculptural Submission 

Oregon Quarterly

July 2018 Issue Illustration


"And They Were Roommates" at the LaVerne Krause Gallery

           January 2020

"A.R.T" at the LaVerne Krause Gallery

           October 2018

"Pink Wyoming" at the LaVerne Krause Gallery

April 2018

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