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Broccoli Boy Plays Tag Animatic April 2022

Broccoli Boy is a boy made out of broccoli who has special broccoli powers. When an unsuspecting student comes to the playground, he finds out the hard way that Broccoli doesn't mess around at freeze tag. Made in five days using Clip Studio Pro and Premiere Pro.

'Our Song' Animatic December 2020

A love story on skateboards to Deb Never's Our Song. Made in two weeks for a montage assignment with Eugene Huang's CGMA Storyboarding class.

"Gideon the Ninth" Explore Sequence Storyboard April 2022

A storyboard based off of a scene from the book Gideon the Ninth, in which bored cavalier Gideon explores rooms in a castle. Made in seven days using Clip Studio Pro.

Pig Newtons Storyboard October 2020

A storyboard assignment made for CGMA Storyboarding for Animation taught by Eugene Huang. We were given a script for a bit by Louis C.K. to storyboard. I don't approve of Louis C.K., but I think it was a good exercise.

Misc. Design Sheets and Process

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